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Lotus Blossom
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Postby Lotus Blossom » 06 December 2017, 00:58

When a new card is drawn, it would be nice if either this is slower, or the card highlighted in your hand. Alternatively, the history of moves could show what card was drawn (to you only obviously). I find that in larger hands, I can't easily tell which new card I've just drawn.

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Re: Suggestion

Postby DrKarotte » 06 December 2017, 07:53

Absolutely agree. Or have an animation.
With larger hands the cards tend to re-align for some reason (this seems to be a generel problem with the BGA stock structure), and then it's impossible to tell where a new card has appeared.

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Re: Suggestion

Postby Estemy » 12 March 2018, 09:13

+1 to the idea

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