Marqueur premier joueur

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Marqueur premier joueur

Post by Scalpelelix » 27 August 2017, 11:37


Sur le jeu Libertalia, je ne sais jamais qui est le premier joueur. J'en aurais besoin pour anticiper si d'autres joueurs posent la même carte que moi.

Est-ce qu'il y a sur l'interface du site un élément qui me permet de savoir qui est 1er joueur ou c'est un oubli du site? (ou alors, moi qui connais mal les règles? ^^)

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Re: Marqueur premier joueur

Post by Liallan » 18 November 2017, 06:16

This is a rule issue. This game has no first player. And I would highly suggest reading the rules since the order is a very basic part of the game.

Sunrise: everyone picks their cards (simultaneous action)

Daytime (full sun): Daytime actions on cards (if they exist) happen from lowest number to highest. This is why the cards are numbered. If it's the same card, the "tie breaker" is the little silver number towards the bottom left. If you think someone else will play that card, look at that silver number as well.

Sunset (half sun, setting): Sunset actions on the cards (if they exist) happen from highest to lowest, the other direction. As each card comes into play, whether or not it has a sunset action, that is when the player chooses a token. Effects of the Spanish officer and saber take place immediately - the others just go in your stash.

Nighttime: All nighttime actions on the cards (if they exist) take place simultaneously, if it is in your den. (i.e. your play area and not in your graveyard)

Anchor symbol: That happens at the end of the campaign, i.e. a 6 day week, and then a scoring.

So in summary:
Sunrise: pick cards
Daytime: left to right (low to high)
Sunset: right to left (high to low) and take tokens as you go
Nighttime: simultaneous when card in den

This is the gist of the game, so if you don't know this, you don't really know the rules of the game, which is why I suggest either reading the rules more carefully, watching a video, or playing with someone who can teach you. This is a "role picking" game and often those types of games go in numerical order.

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