More varied tournaments

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More varied tournaments

Postby Estemy » 12 March 2018, 10:43

So as a new player I am just getting into tournaments. However, looking at my options I see no tournaments for most games that I like or am good at. There are many tournaments for carcasonne (love but play poorly), seasons (hate it) and stone age (like it, but im not any good at it). However, there are more than 100 games on this site so how can it be that there are no tournaments for most of them?
At first I thought players were just lazy and I had to create my own. So said, so done and I created a Machiavelli tournament (!tournament?id=18021). I asked all my friends to join and every time i play a game i ask the people to join. All is going good and I expect to have a small tournament in the end of the month.

Since that went well I decided to create more tourneys and experiment a little with the options (some of which are still very confusing, because there is no explanation as to what round robin system means (and swiss I get a little, but not really sure). I've googled and searched and found nothing concrete. There should really be more info available when you are creating a tournament. Atm I feel like I'm moving around blindly and I already noticed that due to poor translation I filled in one of the fields wrong. Namely, I thought one field asked in how many days I plan to hold the tournament, but now i'm, by accident, closing the tournament registration 3 weeks too early. Still not too sure what that field means, but in dutch (and that's my site) you could understand it in 2 ways. Not even sure if people can register now (and i cant change it back since people have already joined). I tried making another tourney but entering 0 to that field (have the registration open until start) was also not allowed.
Please explain creating tournaments better on the website or in the FAQ section of the forum. Please allow people to correct their mistakes after they created a tournament and people have already joined.

In any case, my second tournament was going to be for incan gold. A very popular game, but there were no tourneys for it. Well I sure know now why, because it's impossible to create a tournament for a 3 player game. Even though you could play it with 2 as a competition. So that was my first FAIL.
Please add multiplayer matches to tournaments. It would add so much new options! Lots of people have asked for this already, so I know I'm not the only one who would love this.

Then I wanted to host a tournament for Palaces of Carrara. I'm not too good at it yet, but I thought why not pump up the popularity a little, right? Wrong, you cannot open a tournament for that game either since the game cannot find its name in the database. That game no longer exists on BGA. Even though I have 2 turn based games rolling, it simply does not exist. FAIL 2. Please add Carrara back to the games list, it's a great strategic game!

These are just my 3 suggestions for making BGA better. My opinions are my own and I understand that some of them require quite some programming work. Perhaps it would be a nice option just to add 3-5 player matches in the single elimination option, since that's the easiest to understand. I hope my suggestions will be heard and/or discussed. Thank you BGA for great service and lots of fun so far!

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Re: More varied tournaments

Postby Lotus Blossom » 12 March 2018, 13:21

Strangely, I don't see your machiavelli tournament in the list of planned tournaments unless I specifically search for it by name.

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Re: More varied tournaments

Postby Estemy » 12 March 2018, 23:50

Does anybody know why it doesn't show up?

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Re: More varied tournaments

Postby sprockitz » 16 March 2018, 03:34

search for "The Palaces of Carrara"

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Re: More varied tournaments

Postby RicardoRix » 16 March 2018, 16:47

I agree in general with most things you are saying, the tournament descriptions could be better.

I don't have an answer, only a suggestion. Try small tournaments with 4 people, so that you give it the best chance to fill it up, and work up from there.

I tried a few times to gather a Dragon Line tournament, I invited most people on the leader board, plus anyone currently playing a turn-based game.

You may get lucky but unfortunately the unpopular games sometimes just don't get the love.

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