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swiss system

Post by smilodon » 06 November 2020, 07:18

how is a tournament with the swiss system?

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Re: swiss system

Post by Robo65 » 20 November 2020, 16:12

You find the idea of a swiss system tournament in the Wikipedia.

Short version: For the first round, the players are matched randomly (they should be matched by ELO, but I don't think that this is happening on BGA). Now, all games for the first round are played, and then, the players are sorted by game results. First sort is by number of wins in the tournament, second sort is by sum of point differences from the games. For the next round, the players are matched from top to bottom in that list. More wins, more points, new sort, new matching. In one tournament, the system doesn't match the same players twice. In general, you need N tournament rounds to do a tournament for 2**N (two to the power of N) players, but the tournament creator can increase that. They should not increase it too much, or it can happen that the tournament must stop because the matching isn't possible any more.

In BGA, the tournament management is done by the server. If all the extra balancing rules from Wikipedia for starting player or player color are observed, I don't know. And as far as I know, there is no explanation for the BGA specifics in the BGA FAQ.


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