Conceding and multiplayer games in tournaments

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Conceding and multiplayer games in tournaments

Post by RobertBr » 12 January 2017, 00:19

I am playing a game with an opponent and he, for reasons I do not know, wishes to concede. The concede option is disabled in tournaments. This makes obvious sense as the abuse potential seems obvious. But I was wondering what would be a reasonable way of handling players dropping out, which is one of the obvious difficulties in extending the tournament options to allow multi-player games like Carcassonne and Love Letter.

If a player drops out in a two player game the opponent wins. But if a player times out in a three player game how is the result then decided? Obviously you cannot allocate a winner, but what should the scores be. Assuming the normal scores were 1, 0.5, and 0 for the three places, what should the new score be with a player who drops out:

0.75, 0.75, 0?
1, 1, 0?

I'm curious about people's opinions.

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