3+ player matches?

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Re: 3+ player matches?

Post by Tottori_Torinosuke » 17 February 2019, 13:19

I also strongly want this option to be realized. So I am thinking whether the decision-making process can be moved to users (not systematically determined).
Then players who set up tournaments can choose these options below after the number of participants is confirmed;

1. The number of rounds.
2. How many players will play in single game in each round.
This option is appearently built already, but actually we can choose only 1 v 1 games.
If the number of participants cannot be divided by a prefarable number, we also can set some of tables will be played by 1 more/less players than other tables.
3. How many players will advance to the next round.

If the number of players determined by chosen options is not correspond with the actual number of participants, the table is not allowed to be started by the system. (Though I have no idea how it is difficult to make the algorithm...)
I'd like to get your feedback, whether this is feasible or not. Thank you!

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Re: 3+ player matches?

Post by RicardoRix » 17 February 2019, 22:53

I believe most players would like to know the number of games, format, etc before they enter and not afterwards.

You could start with some simple easy to grasp formats (and hopefully easy to implement too).

Say 5 participants in 4 player games. So that's 5 tables in total, each table with 1 of the 5 sitting out. So each player would play at 4 tables.

And 5 participants in 3 player games. So that's 10 tables in total. So each player would play at 6 tables.

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Re: 3+ player matches?

Post by JCase16 » 18 February 2019, 02:56

I think the easiest way is just to drop any extras when the tournament starts. Make a note when they join that if additional players do not also join then they will get clipped from the tournament.

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Re: 3+ player matches?

Post by Tottori_Torinosuke » 23 February 2019, 06:13

Thank you for your feedback. Both ideas seem to be good for me.
My idea, determining the format after the number of participants is confirmed, is to prevent the case where we cannot start tournaments due to the inconsistensy with the format decided in advance. But it seems to be better to drop participants to adjust for the tournaments. (even if someone might complain about being expelled from the tournaments)
Also, it seems that Ricardo's idea actually couldn't be applied to tournaments with more participants than 7-8 players because too many matches should be done. So maybe we should set a limit to the maximam number of participants (around 6?) when this idea is realized.
(Or an irregular Swiss format, assuming all rounds were won by players with higher ratings?)

Anyway, I want to suggest this idea to administrators. Is it of low priority due to the difficulty of developing or some other problems? Please tell me about the situation around this request. Thank you!

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