Roll For the Galaxy 4 Player Tournament Signup

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Roll For the Galaxy 4 Player Tournament Signup

Postby turtler7 » 05 January 2018, 03:20

Hi! I am going to be hosting 4-player tournaments through direct sign up requests, manually constructed brackets, manually started games with players individually invited to their seats, and then the need to report the results back to me when the game is over. It is a little more effort for the players and a lot more effort for me to construct the fair brackets and gives no trophies or prestige. BUT it is still an excuse to play more games with stiffer competition and have more fun!

Join the group to get regular updates on new tournaments and updates to rounds/results

Post here or private message me to be included in the next tournament. If there is enough interest and players joining I would like to start the first tournament on 1/14.

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