A workaround about the limitations of the site tournaments

Tournaments organization / Organisation des tournois
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A workaround about the limitations of the site tournaments

Postby nmego » 18 April 2018, 19:44

I used to play on 2 online platforms like BGA, that didn't have any of those cool options to create tournaments.

But the games there were pretty fun, and people wanted to host tournaments. So we used a site like challonge.com to host the brackets for the tournaments. And we made a couple of successful inofficial tournaments.

While I really like the tournament feature on this site. I do notice that it has a lot of limitations, one of them is, they have to be 2 player games. one other is, it can be hard to add some twists to make the tournaments more interesting, for some games that is.

This site is big though, and the developers are working on a lot of things. they are actively working to add more games, fix bugs, add new features etc..

And even if they could add more options to tournaments, there will be a couple of things they won't be able to add yet. So.

A workaround around that, is, we can host our own unofficial tournaments using challonge.com or some similar website. and advertise them on forums/groups. Of course, this would be more work, but it would offer more flexibility as well. It will allow to have tournaments for 4p/5p Incan Gold for example, which is not so fun at 2p.

What do you think?

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Re: A workaround about the limitations of the site tournaments

Postby turtler7 » 19 April 2018, 04:27

The BGA discord group does extra tournament events and 4 player organized matches as well. Would love more people to join us so we can do more games and have larger brackets.


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