Why not turnbased?!?!?

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Luq B1
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Why not turnbased?!?!?

Post by Luq B1 » 26 August 2019, 21:25

How come this game cannot be played turnbased??
Is such a pity, probably the reason no one plays this is because it can only be played real time, and there are never players available for this :/

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Re: Why not turnbased?!?!?

Post by DrKarotte » 27 August 2019, 08:10

That's indeed a pity. The reason is - as far as I know - that the game was taken from turn based play because there occured severe bugs which made the game stuck, which was even worse. This was reported as bug, but "Won't fix" is the only response of the dev. He could not reproduce the bug. Probably the game had to be re-coded completely.

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Re: Why not turnbased?!?!?

Post by JollyBird » 27 August 2019, 08:12

Yes, as DrKarotte explained.
See here for old forumpost about Gear & Piston only available in Realtime:
https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewto ... ton#p46324

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