Tiles remaining

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Tiles remaining

Post by DrKarotte » 14 April 2018, 09:21

In my opinion the BGA adaption has at least one serious problem: You never know at all how many tiles are left. As this is a condition for the game to end this information is very important.

I understand that it is forbidden to count the remaining tiles in this game. I assume that in the real game the remaining tiles are visible, e.g. stacked. So you can always guess how many tiles there are, and you will clearly see when the stack gets empty.

Even without knowing the exact number you get a "feeling" which you won't get here on BGA. Plying here is a little bit like driving at night without headlights on.

Possible solutions would be:
* Don't stick to the rules in such a case but show the number. Of course this would not be possible if the publisher does not want it. This is probably how they would do it on yucata.
* Show a range, like "20-30", "less than 10", "1 tile left". I would prefer this as it is closest to reality if done properly (properly means: a range like "1-20" would not be very useful).
* Show the height of the stack graphically, e.g. like it is done in Builders. It would NOT be practical to create a div for every tile because then everybody could count them.

This will probably never be changed, but I wanted to propose it. The game is not very popular, and this may be one reason, apart from the one that you cannot play turn based.

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Re: Tiles remaining

Post by nkcecio » 25 April 2020, 15:58

I'm used to check the % of the game progression: I already know that when it's above 60-70 there's usually only one turn left, also depending on the possible use of the black alley to get card..

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Re: Tiles remaining

Post by Ldubbs16 » 18 May 2020, 15:27

Agree! Upvote for this change here:

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