a guise

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a guise

Post by Pantherena » 09 January 2021, 08:44

Has anyone ever tried this game and enjoyed it? I gave it a couple of tries, but it makes zero sense. The 'how to play' is lacking on "how to play" and there really doesn't appear to be an actual game when you play it. I think the developers are more interested in giving a history lesson in the guise of a pseudo game. This has to be the worst "game" on bga. I shrug my shoulders and move on. :arrow:

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Re: a guise

Post by -manu- » 23 January 2021, 01:41

You can find the rules easily online, but I share your opinion that this is the worst game on bga.

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Re: a guise

Post by RicardoRix » 23 January 2021, 02:03

It might not be a great game, but it definitely has merit. It's mainly a 'luck mitigation' strategy which is very similar mechanic you find in a lot of games. It is not just simply throw the dice and win on a 6. The only rather stupid thing is that you should always fall back to a position where you get aid with a dice.
https://oakleafgames.wordpress.com/2014 ... itigation/

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