International checkers set wrong

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International checkers set wrong

Post by RedRex-12 » 06 December 2020, 13:07

I notice that the international checkers do not follow the official rules of the international draughts federation in one of the most important point about capture:
"4.2. Whenever a man meets, diagonally, a piece of the opponent behind which is a free square, he is OBLIGED to jump over the opponent’s piece and occupy that free square. That particular piece of the opponent is taken from the board. This total operation is the capture by a man"

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Re: International checkers set wrong

Post by postmans » 25 January 2021, 14:04

If the opponent does not capture (the maximum amount of pieces) you can refute his move and show the capture with more moves.
There is only one issue with this which (where it breaks the international draughts rules):
When there are multiple captures with more pieces than the opponent did and you refute:
In offline draughts/official rules when a opponent "forgets" to capture you can point him to the capture(s), he can then pick which of several options with more captures he takes (still has to take maximum captures since that is the rule).
On BGA however if e.g. the opponent captured 0 pieces on his move and there is a move where he can capture 2 and another move where he can capture 1 (there always is if you just stop after 1) then after you refute you can capture just 1 piece if this is more beneficial to you than the capture with 2 moves

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