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Hive Mosquito rules

Post by bpedit » 08 October 2019, 20:58

According to the "official rules", if a Mosquito is in contact only with another Mosquito it may not move at all. But I've spectated two games on BGA where a Mosquito acts as a Pillbug because it is in contact with another Mosquito that contacts a Pillbug. The original Mosquito executing the move is not, itself, in contact with that Pillbug. In contradiction to the official rule, this would imply that a Mosquito only in contact with another Mosquito should be able to inherit from whatever that second Mosquito is in contact with.

Something's afoul here. Only three explanations occur to me.
• The Mosquito can inherit the special ability of the Pillbug through another Mosquito but not its movement.
• If the Mosquito is in contact with another piece as well as the other Mosquito it can inherit through that mosquito.
• This is a bug in BGA's programming.

The first two options seem needlessly complicated. Am I missing something?

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Re: Hive Mosquito rules

Post by RicardoRix » 08 October 2019, 23:26

Sounds very much like a bug:

strange it has not been raised already.

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Re: Hive Mosquito rules

Post by ringersoll » 14 October 2019, 00:34

Please post the game number

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