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Post by MasN » 28 September 2019, 00:44

All the top players in 2p use resource/build strategy, which makes every game feel very samey, just who can execute the strategy better.

A number of variants have been proposed to address this, the game designer himself said that is suggested to limit trade to sell 20 corn worth of resources per trade. Can we have this option in game setting?

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Re: Variants

Post by eoc » 29 September 2019, 13:10

That would be amazing! Since the designer appears to be okay with it, perhaps you want to contact the game publisher working with BGA about approving such a change? Once it's approved, you would still need to implement the option in code, but from what I remember it sounds simple enough (you might need to special-case trading "back" i.e. undoing to not count against the limit).

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