Uxmal Gambit Fix?

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Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by MasN » 07 January 2020, 01:19

All the top players open Uxmal 2 as p1, so that they get worker turn 2.

This strategy is of course beatable (for example, a common answer to U012 is U34 + T1 to get extra worker and resource tech upgrade, but that requires enough corn and screws over the third player), but in general p1 is at a significant advantage because of this.

Many ideas have been proposed to address this, including:
- Forbid players from playing more than 1 on uxmal on turn 1.
- Players take turns placing one worker at a time on turn 1.
- Modify the Uxmal wheel so that the +worker space is on U4 for the first quarter of the game.
- Put the starting turn order up for auction

Can at least one of these be availible as an option?

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