Fixing Uxmal 2 / limit to 20 corn on market

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Fixing Uxmal 2 / limit to 20 corn on market

Poll ended at 26 February 2021, 08:50

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Re: Fixing Uxmal 2 / limit to 20 corn on market

Post by dencho » 14 April 2021, 14:31

I finally tried the Uxmal limit variant. It is implemented the 'easy way' i.e. keeping the existing buttons where everything does through corn.
In particular, while you can transform 5 gold in 20 corn during a single turn, you can only transform 2 gold in 4 woods which frankly is a pure loss of time :D
Indeed transforming 3 gold in 6 wood would exceed the counter as 12+12=24>20.

As a consequence I used Uxmal2 only for corn and got even more corn than in the old days, but missed crucially wood, so started using stones instead 8-)

An interesting corollary is that the Tech1 strategy is now more attractive, as corn can by changed in anything, addressing an earlier concern that a Limit on Uxmal will equally affect a Palenque5 based strategy.

I suppose those of you who have already played the variant know all this, but I wanted to have a confirmation of whether the Uxmal Limit has been implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the game developper or one should be allowed to exchange 2 gold and 4 silver in 5 wood and 10 corn.


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