More intutive player invitiations?

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More intutive player invitiations?

Postby Daggerheart » 13 January 2018, 01:47

I set restrictions for my game. Let us say higher than 85 reputation and good players and above.

I want an option so I can only see players to invite with this restrictions. When I click invite I get... "the player got too bad reputation message"... this should not be needed...

Also, as I suggested before, if a player only like to play Stone age with 2 players... or he only likes 4 player (like me), this should affect the list of the players I can invite from the Stone page interested list: ex. if I put 4 players required... the "2 player only" Stone age player should not show if I choose this option. Capice?

= for each game you enjoy you should be able to add a setting with player counts and rules/settings you like and/or don't like.

Also if the player is playing another game I should choose an option not to show the person on the "free" players list.

And last, the list over players should start from lowest rating or highest rating and down. Not mixed.

Of course it would been nice in some way to see if a player has been logged on and been inactive for 5-15-30+ minutes... The list of "active" players that meet my requirement could be split and sorted in the the groups with a drawn line between each, or the groups have a different color on the player names. Like green, yellow and red.

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Re: More intutive player invitiations?

Postby KaosBombix » 18 January 2018, 00:16

I don't know that game but yea, the player invitations system has problems.

If I choose good p+ I should be able to invite players who have 200- elo. I know their elo when I invite them
Moreover, those 5 seconds... pff... It is soo long ! 2 or 3 secondes should be better (or nothing)
Morevover, sometimes, I invite someone, the list change and I see him again. I want to invite him but I have done it before, so... 5 seconds lost :(

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