Max Sabs option for Saboteur

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby annabet » 13 September 2018, 13:39


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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby ojomojojojo » 13 September 2018, 16:10

I totally agree with this entire thread. A 2-sab game is very boring and makes me not want to play here anymore. I even noticed it happens a lot more often these days and it really diminishes the value of the game. At least with the "max sab" option, game rules will still be followed since a 3 vs 4 game are within the rules and it will add fairness to the game overall. When I make a table I always encounter those who dont want to play because they dont want a 2-sab game. Hopefully the "maximum sabs" option is something taken into consideration.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby Maus227 » 13 September 2018, 16:54

Wreckage wrote:I think an extremely popular option in saboteur would be "Maximum Saboteurs" button. So, in a 5 player game there would be exactly 3 diggers and 2 a 7 player game there
would be exactly 4 diggers and 3 saboteurs.

I disagree. It's making it easier for diggers when it's 4 vs 3 to break the sab that is still trying to hide his role. It's part of the fun to figure out who is on your team by the way they play, not by logics.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby upthebooks » 13 September 2018, 22:46

x2 no more 5v2 games, or at least give us this max sab option

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby Taka2s » 14 September 2018, 01:09

I agree with everything said, +1 for max sabs

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby TechnicallyFowl » 14 September 2018, 03:06

Max sabs is a great idea!

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby Cynthi007 » 14 September 2018, 03:58

What do you mean by max sabs option?

I would rather raise the gold count for a 2 sabs win.

I think it would also take away some fun if you are sure to have 3 sabs every game you play with 7 players. I don´t mind 2 sab games a lot but I suggest they should get more gold for a win as it is a lot harder for just two.

More gold for 2 sabs! Who is with me? :D

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby Wreckage » 14 September 2018, 05:52

Those who have mentioned the fun of not knowing the exact number of sabs in a game have a valid point. There is something to be said for a surprise late sab showing up. But so many times we play 3 rounds of lop sided teams, leaving everyone feeling like the game was a complete waste of time.

Even though players may have different perspectives on this option, I dont think many people would avoid a table because this option is on.

I have taught this game to a few groups with the real game and with 7 players I deal out 7 role cards. It guarantees the most fun.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby MeltedFace » 14 September 2018, 06:36

Yea pretty much agree with everyone including Cynthi.
As long s its just an option and not mandatory I see no harm (for both max sabs or increased gold in 2 vs 5)

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Postby sapphire778 » 14 September 2018, 15:17

An alternative to consider is configuring the game such that there is a higher probability of getting 3-saboteur rounds in a regular 7-player game. Currently, this probability seems to stand at around...60%.

This would be a good compromise if the programmers don't wish to include the "max sab" toggle feature, but instead retain the ambiguity and suspense elements true to the essence of this game.

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