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More Expansions for Carcassone

Postby elencia » 05 December 2018, 16:19

So, Carcassone is one of your most popular games and there exists ALOT of expansions for it.
I think, and I'm sure many would agree with me, that it'd be great if you'd give us some more expansions that we can play here. Like the Tower expansion would be very, very fun. :D

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Re: More Expansions for Carcassone

Postby Furosis » 05 December 2018, 16:23

I would definitely like to see more content for carcassonne. Its one of my favorites on the site and im sure many others. I think the princess and dragon expansion would be fun just to add some more replayability to this already great game.

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Re: More Expansions for Carcassone

Postby Liallan » 08 December 2018, 08:04

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