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merlin they them
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Continuous Group Chat / Video Call with Friends

Post by merlin they them » 17 October 2020, 23:19

When I play games with friends, we often play with video chat on. But any time we end a game, the video chat ends and we have to start it up again in the next game.

It would be great to have a way to continue the chat from game to game.

If this is already a feature, I apologize for re-suggesting it, but if it is, it's not very clear on how to keep it going.

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Re: Continuous Group Chat / Video Call with Friends

Post by ViolentSilence » 18 October 2020, 15:48

I'd be interested in this too - I was playing games with friends for hours on Friday and this was a slight aggravation, especially if we were having a rematch. It was also slightly tricky when trying to coordinate with friends about what games to play especially as most of them were fairly new to the site.

Something we tried using was putting all the friends in to a group, and then using a group chat (Discuss option at the top right of the group screen), but that seemed a bit inconsistent about whether people got the message updates. It also lacked the option to do a voice/video chat with the group. My ideal set up would be to have a private lobby within BGA as a way to keep my friends in games with each other if it's that kind of occasion (Friday was my birthday, so I was using BGA as a way to just hang out with friends whilst playing a few games). I'd hopefully then have the ability to switch between a 'lobby/group' chat and the game specific chat so it would feel like hanging out in a room with friends.

At the moment, if I do something like that in future, I might look at using something like Discuss/Whatsapp to have as the group chat, but it would be nice to keep it within BGA

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