Debit/Gift card payment

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Debit/Gift card payment

Post by 4everblessed » 27 November 2020, 18:03

I really want to become a member, so I bought a visa gift card to pay for it, but your website would not take the card. Apparently the gift cards are technically debit cards, not credit cards, so it isn't a form of payment that the website will take. Would you consider adding this as an option? I don't have a way to securely pay with a credit card or bank account, so I do not do online financial transactions other than with a gift card. Thanks!

Shin Bikkuri Man
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Re: Debit/Gift card payment

Post by Shin Bikkuri Man » 06 February 2021, 13:28

I agree. It would be great if we could pay this way.
My company had to cancel our year-end party because of COVID, so they gave us each a VISA Gift Card.
Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, I am not going out shopping, so the card is not being used. It would be nice if I could get a membership, since I make a lot of use of your site.

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Re: Debit/Gift card payment

Post by Yoippari1840 » 04 May 2021, 00:37

Going to have to agree to this. I was able to pay with my card last year. Now I can't.

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