bug list "show all" option please?

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bug list "show all" option please?

Postby Peyrol » 06 November 2017, 17:46

Before reporting a bug, it is advisable to check and see if the bug has already been reported or not.
When visiting the bug list page, at the bottom there are the clickable words "show more."
If I want to see the entire list, I have to click those words maybe 100 times.
Yes, there is a search feature, but not all searches are accepted by the system, for example three-letter words.
Could we please have an option to show every bug report on a single page? Then I can search the page with Ctrl-f.

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Re: bug list "show all" option please?

Postby Liallan » 07 November 2017, 02:32


I totally see the point here. The only disadvantage of "show all" would be when there's just a ludicrous amount of reports, which I'm sure is the case for the overall site bugs. In which case, there could be some limit of how many to show at once on a page.

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