Make game description/presentation more prominent/noticable/visible II

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Make game description/presentation more prominent/noticable/visible II

Post by brisdaz » 31 August 2019, 09:53

It was posted here [1,2] twice without an official reply and has since been locked but I don't know why.
One source of frustration to me is when players join my table and choose to ignore what I have written in my table presentation sentence.

For example, I saw in the game of Stone Age, one player put as his table presentation, 'No starvation strategies, please' . There may be other persons not wanting another player to join in and spoil the game for other similar reasons in different games.

The problem is, it's too easy to ignore and not read the table presentation when you join the game. The table presentation should be sent into the discussion window when you join the game, please, so it's there for you to come to terms with when you join game. The other thing I would like to request as well is to have the text of the table presentation in some corner of tbe game interface itself so it can be referred to later on in the game. Please and thank you.
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Re: Make game description/presentation more prominent/noticable/visible II

Post by Ankeszu » 31 August 2019, 10:58

When people are not following the "rule"/suggestion stated in game description, could the reason be that they just don't know the language that is used in this description? Not all gamers have to speak english/french nor be active enough to look for the descirption meaning on their own. Heck, I am so lazy that I don't even start to read the forum posts with French subject.
And if so is the case, no change in visibility would make the problem to happen less often, similarly to what Liallan wrote in one of linked topics.

And about the example... can you force the people to play in certain way that isn't forbidden in rules? There is possibility that some people would read and play this way anyway (whether they are trolls or, let's say, they don't know their strategy is called starvation). And while its not a nice behaviour, it isn't really something that you can stop by any hard rules. That's why the community system (Karma and red thumbs) are important ;)

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