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New lobby

Post by vichy » 12 September 2019, 16:16

Two suggestions:

- The Collapse button should be translated into the player's language. In Spanish at least it does not appear translated (I would put "cerrar")

- I miss a place to see the tables (in turns) pending player. Many times I have started a game just because I have seen a player that I like to play with or that I can learn from. Now I have to go one by one to see what games are pending. It's slower (not to say I'm not going to do it ...)

I would like to be as indignant as I read somenones here and leave slamming the door but the change is not so radical after all ...

(Ok, third suggestion: by default I would put the medium icons. The big icons are VERY BIG)

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Re: New lobby

Post by superfluff » 21 September 2019, 17:17

I love bga so i cant leave..... its just I play less often and it hard to find players to play with. I can understand that BGA wants us to "pick the game u want to play" so that more tables are started but usually I want to play a game that someone else want to play ( its called happy social interaction time). I think others tend to like that as well, so sorting game tables primarily by how many players there are already wanting to play there is a better order than forcing tables to open that take forever to fill up....

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Re: New lobby

Post by sourisdudesert » 21 September 2019, 17:22

Did you read my answer on your previous comment?


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