6 nimmt pro': a different game!

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6 nimmt pro': a different game!

Post by headkace » 30 September 2019, 01:47

This may seem a radical suggestion at first. But, if you play very much 6 nimmt, I believe you will see the advantage when you think about it.

I personally prefer the professional rules variant. I believe it reduces the element of luck. (You have more options for managing a bad hand.) But, it is a more complicated game and I like regular rules, too. I almost never play regular anymore (unfortunately), because I feel like I am rolling the dice with my hard earned rating points from pro' rules play! I'd like to play both more and have the huge difference between the games respected by having them treated as two separate games.

Some may ask, well shouldn't tactical deck be a different game? But, I don't believe so. That really is a variant. Tactical/normal (and logical/normal) are much smaller changes to the way the cards are chosen. But, pro' rules versus on-the-right (normal) rules truly make a different game and effect _every_ decision for the entire game.

Please go to this link and vote in favor of making 6nimmt-pro a separate game:
(More good reasons for this idea are in the bug/suggestion link.)


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