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Special C
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Confirm button.

Post by Special C » 11 March 2021, 15:47

Is there any chance we can get a confirm button option. It's notoriously easy to misclick in this game. Especially on mobile

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Re: Confirm button.

Post by lucygeorges » 31 March 2021, 15:49

I second this request.

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Re: Confirm button.

Post by KongKing123 » 31 March 2021, 19:12

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Re: Confirm button.

Post by Ningauble » 27 April 2021, 08:19

Half a year ago and the developers haven't looked at it. I'll remember this when I go back to a game store. It's such a low key game and it's almost not worth it to be upset over but learning it's basically been ignored? That was frustrating.

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Re: Confirm button.

Post by andycupid » 27 April 2021, 10:38

You may enlarge your screen, that does help. Confirming every single move is very redundant, and can annoy players as much as misclicking.
For the record, I played nearly 800 Tokaido games on BGA, most of them on mobile, and I misclicked twice, both times on bumpy bus rides.

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