500 interactive Hex puzzles and a free book

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500 interactive Hex puzzles and a free book

Post by Peyrol » 21 May 2020, 18:29

From Matthew Seymour, the same person who gave us his free book Hex: A Strategy Guide , we now have 500 interactive puzzles!


These puzzles are interactive, like his book. After the first few puzzles, an additional element of complexity is added. In a real game, no one will tell you whether you need to respond to a potential threat or not. So part of the puzzle will be to determine whether the player to move even needs to respond at all. You need to make the correct choice and then choose a correct sequence of moves, not just the first move, to demonstrate you understand the position.

All puzzles have been verified by a computer algorithm. You can see Mr. Seymour's announcement on Little Golem here.

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