Demands about hex game

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Demands about hex game

Post by LightKnight » 04 June 2017, 22:46

I report you here one demand there is within hex players about the game, and another one I have but that corresponds to a reality we're all facing.
The first one is to have figures around the board to see easily the different grids. It's good to name moves for instance, to speak with the opponent after a match, to explain to a beginner... A lot of players claims for that (little) in the interface of hex. In addition to that, one argued about changing the names of the moves, so that the columns would be then represented by letters and not by numbers anymore. It can get easier to represent it to mind indeed, plus it's more common in other cases to see this convention than the all-numbers one.

The second one I had idea from a discussion about Alveole. The one who developped the game was thinking about creating a special option "missclick", which would allow a player to let his opponent play to change their last move because missclick. This would be very useful in hex. Somtimes big players lose because of that, and not all accept to play a bad move or to make a collective concede.

Thanks for your attention


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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by Een » 05 June 2017, 09:56

I moved the thread into the "Hex game" forum.
You may want to submit your suggestions also with the bug report tool (with the suggestion category) to make sure the developer reads them.

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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by DrKarotte » 05 June 2017, 14:06

I had some trouble with misclicks especially in Hex, too.

I once wondered if it would not be possible to highlight a hex when you click it, and then have to hit a button "Play here". Of course this would slow down the game experience, but I think this would not be too annoying in comparison to the advantages (unlike in quicker games without much thinking).

This may also help to evaluate a move (clicking around the board while thinking). But perhaps the designer wanted to avoid just this?

Concerning the take back function: I am quite sure that some players will realize that their move was bad after playing the hex and then will claim that they misclicked. If someone really misclicked then the opponent has to decide if he wants to believe him, offend him by not letting him to take back the turn, ...

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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by GiBc » 05 June 2017, 16:35

Coordinates around the board are a must. Also highlighting the last opponent move would be a great addition.

About missclicks... Maybe asking confirmation for each move could be nice, but it's hard to design a system that cannot be abused.

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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by eratosthenes » 21 June 2017, 22:37

Is the source for the Hex game open? I signed up to BGA studio but haven't looked in there yet - if there's any way I can get in and fix the hex interface up a bit I'd love that opportunity. (I've suffered too much from misclicks!)

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Post by RicardoRix » 22 June 2017, 15:13

Yeah it's not just misclicks, there is an alignment issue between the mouse cursor and the board. I've played with a few different browsers, firefox seems to be the worst, although I've suffered with Chrome and IE too.

You could 'highlight' the hex the mouse is currently hovering over - would fix all problems or at least show misalignment problems.

For turn-based games (and real-time too I guess) it would be nice the show the last clicked hex. Possibly an option to show 'numbered' hexes as the order in which they were played.

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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by CB Droege » 26 July 2017, 08:47

A confirm step would be a great addition to this game. misclicks are frequent for me.

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Re: Demands about hex game

Post by crouik » 12 August 2017, 08:41

I also got a missclick due to that alignement problem mentionned a couple of posts ago. I clicked ont he right place but it's the next one that got registered... I agree I was on the border of the position and not at its center, but it's frustrating.

Highlighting the hovered move seems to be a good suggestion.

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