Pro' variant should be a separate game!!

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Pro' variant should be a separate game!!

Post by headkace » 23 October 2019, 01:44

I've submitted a suggestion that the pro' variant be treated as a separate game. See :, where you can also vote to support the suggestion.

I've written there about some of the many reasons why this would be a good idea. Please look and reply here with your opinions. Please vote up the suggestion if you agree.

Let me know here if you disagree. If you've played both variants enough, and you think about it, I think you'll agree that this is the best way to handle what are really two very different games.

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Re: Pro' variant should be a separate game!!

Post by Chadmild » 14 May 2020, 19:06

You're right, a very different way to play, but that's not only the case of pro variant, also dual, left/right...Each mode has specific tactics.
What shall we do concretely ? Don't call pro variant "6 nimmt" ?! Make separate standings for every mode ?! That's not possible...

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Re: Pro' variant should be a separate game!!

Post by 57erniepyle » 02 June 2020, 13:49

Yes! I was going to suggest this myself for the left/right variant, but found this post. I think the reason so many '6 Nimmt' games I start don't get accepted is that people notice that I'm doing the left/right variant. Of course they COULD filter that out with their options, but they don't seem to be aware of that.

Tons of fun, thanks.

You should see about implementing the old German game 'Sticheln'. It would appeal to the same sorts of players.

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