Patience, not accepting and causing chaos

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Caffe Latte
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Re: Patience, not accepting and causing chaos

Post by Caffe Latte » 10 January 2020, 21:59

I have had several rimes the issue when I do not receive Accept window. I see 'game is about to start' and that's all. In these situations I tried to rejoin hoping I will see the button next time. Maybe the people you are writing about also were hit by this issue and could not accept.

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jean roucas
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Re: Patience, not accepting and causing chaos

Post by jean roucas » 28 March 2020, 18:35

since the covid-19 crisis it's horrible to run a game,

so who is fed up to wait 10 min before play, because people just random clic in every room and create chaos,

add me as friend, the more huge community of serious player we can create, the more easily and faster we can run game !

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Giordano Bruno 1974
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Re: Patience, not accepting and causing chaos

Post by Giordano Bruno 1974 » 18 July 2020, 23:35

I was just about to post this.

This has happened to me a ridiculous amount of times today. One time it happened about six times in a row before I managed to get a game.

It's a shame because I really enjoy this game (even if I usually lose).

The other issue is that having clicked on "Accept" and had players cancel the game, I am then told that I am playing the game. I click on the link and get an error message telling me "You don't play at this table" or I am suddenly just a spectator.

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Re: Patience, not accepting and causing chaos

Post by 57erniepyle » 30 July 2020, 01:04

For Nimmt, I suspect that some people hate the left/right option, and don't know to set their Preferences to avoid it. So a left/right game comes up, and they decline, and start things up again, hoping for a non left/right game.

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