Any plans on updating ruleset?

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Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by SummonerKnight » 22 July 2017, 00:51

I play the TTA: New Story version at home, and find it a bit more balanced than the old version. Is there plans for updating it?

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Re: Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by SonofAleric » 19 August 2017, 06:31

Yes we need a update the new Version ist more balanced

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Re: Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by CastoroBoy » 26 August 2017, 00:13

Bump for new version!

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CB Droege
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Re: Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by CB Droege » 26 August 2017, 23:39

This has been addressed previously. Unlike some games, the 'rules update' to TtA is in fact a new game from the publisher with a new name and copyright and art and everything, not actually just a rules errata update, so BGA doesn't have the rights to it, and may never have the rights to it. It's up to the publisher, not BGA.

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Re: Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by I_CANT_READ » 21 November 2017, 21:38

But is there any chance to create custom rulesets? I would like to have one where cook and nap are removed, so you could actually pick some other leaders every once in awhile. Or some other house rules.

If we play TTA ed1 at home games we usually just straight out remove holy war too, since its one of those cards that just... I dont know why there should be a mass destruction card in an engine builder.

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Re: Any plans on updating ruleset?

Post by sbasting » 08 February 2018, 10:34

started playing through the ages version 2 with a group of friends. found it difficult so starting playing on line to get me head round it didn't realise there ways 2 versions reading on here there is a problem with the copy right so there not going to be an update to the new version :?: :?: :?: shame getting really into it

steveb ;) ;)

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