Classic army is totally imba

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Classic army is totally imba

Post by I_CANT_READ » 21 November 2017, 14:19

Who really thinks this card should be even in the game?

It's one of the most frustrating pos cards that a game developer has ever come up with, not tomention that there's just one of them in the deck when playing heads up. Most of the time it's a gamedecider, since you can easilly go nap + classic very early in Age of Exploration to the setup, since usually you have medieval army 2 x or at least phalanx after medieval times ends.

This card just utterly wrecks the place, as the benetits are HUGE for the cost. Just think about it this way, Tier III srats that have 3 in them, such as mechanized arty or entrenchements need huge amounts of resources and tech to actually get them out, classic army on the other hand whoops the battlefield with measly 7 tech and combined 12 mineral.

This card should be just flat out removed, I guarantee that I win unfairly almost every time if I can just luckbox this from the deck.

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Re: Classic army is totally imba

Post by Alucard648 » 14 March 2018, 09:43

Indeed. Last game ended with my victory as soon as two turns into age 2. Both my opponent and me having double medieval army, while I also snagged and invented warfare tech (+1 str, +1MA). My opponent played Christofer Columbus to resolve age transition happiness issues by discovering Historic Territory, while I got lucky to draw Classic Army and War over Territory in the first turn in the age 2. Not knowing what would happen further in the game, he grabbed and played Scientific Method to boost his science rate. My next turn - and Napoleon appeared in the civil row! I declared War over Territory on the opponent (all 3 MA was used), grabbed+elected Napo and use his granted MA to drop down Classic Army! Voila! +14 str in single action! Opponent instantly resigned as there are no way to cover that huge advantage in single turn, as I denied him Irrigation early in game.

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