End game clarification/bug on BGA

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End game clarification/bug on BGA

Post by sunmachine » 03 September 2018, 17:25

Hi. I'm currently coming to the end of a 4 player, Complete game of TTA here on BGA and I may have encounterd an issue - I won't know for sure till the other 3 players have finished their turns. I am the start player in a 4p game.

When I started my go there were 2 civil cards left in the deck. When I finished there were zero civil cards in the deck. BGA is saying this is the last turn, which is wrong. Either it is reporting the wrong thing or the implementation is wrong but something is definitely wrong.

If there were two civil cards in the deck at the start of my turn, it should not be the final turn.

This is only my second game on BGA so I'm not completely familiar with the implementation. Could someone with more experience please clarify?

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