BGA interface freezes / lags

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BGA interface freezes / lags

Post by Czubii » 29 December 2018, 19:17

I got lags and freezes in game (civilization), especially after any player backs his move.
Many times I cross time of game/round due to that.
I loose a lot of reputation points, how can I report such a game and get back the reputation points? Cant see any option to report a single game?
Admin please see game #47095794, even thou I was asking players not to kick actively playing, they do this, because they know if they don't kick they loose. (see also my older games where I have been kicked, in all I was playing and asking not to kick)
OK, I don't care, they want easy win and game points, they don't want to play until end - that fine.
I have lag - OK, but please how can I report such game not to loose the reputation?

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Re: BGA interface freezes / lags

Post by RicardoRix » 29 December 2018, 22:28

you can try the bugs section, but this seems a pretty vague problem.!bugs

Have you tried a different browser? Or if possible a different PC or device?

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