Clicking your tractor to end your turn.

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Clicking your tractor to end your turn.

Post by Biosatva »

Am I the only player this has happened to?

When playing on my phone, after using up my 3 or 4 moves I wish to play a bonus card.
But by mistake I touch my tractor after executing my 3/4 moves and it automaticaly ends my turn.

Maybe we could offer a mode where your turn can only end by clicking the "end turn" icon at the top of the screen?
This would prevent ending your turn by accident.

P.s. this is one of my favourite games!
Good work.
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Re: Clicking your tractor to end your turn.

Post by thinkb4coding »

Good suggestion.
I implemented the "click tractor to end turn" feature early on to make the game easier to play. But it's true that on some screens, it can lead to mistakes.
Adding an option on the screen should be possible but I have yet to see how to save the option so that is will remain active from game to game...
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