Missing automation

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Missing automation

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Sometimes, a player is left knowing that they want to take no more turns in a round (i.e. keeping all remaining imps at home no matter what happens), but with the inability to select that. In turn-based mode especially, it's unnecessarily time-consuming for one player to have to wait for the other player to take their moves only to select "keep all remaining imps at home", often unnecessarily keeping the other players also waiting in the process.

Just as King of Tokyo has 'leave Tokyo' automation, Nidavellir has 'autopick last card' and many other examples, Dungeon Petz needs a "take no more turns" option after a player takes their turn to speed things up.

To clarify, there is a "keep all remaining imps at home" option on a player's turn, but often a player wants to make a move and THEN be able to select to keep all remaining imps at home. Other players needn't know if a player has selected this option or not, it'll simply keep a player's imps at home when it's their turn again, potentially speeding things up markedly while having zero other affect on gameplay.

Please let me know if there's a better place to post this.

Thanks for reading,
Joel aka The Luggage
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