Suggestion - Confirm or 10 Second undo window

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Suggestion - Confirm or 10 Second undo window

Post by zoilean »

Hi - absolutely loving this game. Played through all 50 The Crew missions - now enjoying Deep Sea.

One thing I'd love though is some kind of brief undo window. I've just made the classic mistake of wanting to Communicate a card and in my haste clicking on it before clicking the comm token. I instantly knew I'd made a mistake but too late - mission failed.

Would be wonderful to have a confirm button. It could auto confirm after 5 seconds (like Welcome To) but it would give you the chance to take it back if you'd just made a fat finger mistake.

That would make this game perfect!
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Re: Suggestion - Confirm or 10 Second undo window

Post by Romain672 »

Instead of that which would be really annoying to play this, an undo button until the next action occur it's possible.

But this should be posted in that section:
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Re: Suggestion - Confirm or 10 Second undo window

Post by robinzig »

Being forced to wait 5 seconds (or make another click) to play every card would not just be really annoying, it would break those missions that need to be done in real-time.

I know confirm/undo is a really controversial topic on here, but I personally it depends absolutely on the game, and that trick taking card games like this are a classic example for *not* allowing undo.
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Re: Suggestion - Confirm or 10 Second undo window

Post by Vandaley »

The place this would be useful is when I click to communicate. Often I do that, and forget that I am not able to communicate until the trick is dragged, and then I click on the card I want to communicate and play it instead. This has also happened to my teammates and so I am sure it has probably happened to you. Thus, the "confirm" button was activated only when someone has clicked to communicate, that would be helpful and not extra annoying.
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