Bad algorithm

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Re: Bad algorithm

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Re: Bad algorithm

Post by Silene »

Ze Monstah wrote: 21 January 2022, 21:50 You didn't seem to agree, based on previous lines.
I don't agree or disagree to individual persons as a whole. I agree or disagree to statements. Those last statements I agree to while some previous in this thread I did not.
And anyway, i find it extremely weird that you didn't post your opinion after the OP's initial thread.
The initial post was from 2020. Yours was new.
If you feel personally targeted, I'm sorry. That's not my intention.
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Re: Bad algorithm

Post by RicardoRix »

Ze Monstah wrote: 21 January 2022, 20:53 An unlucky Einstein loses if the other player is decent or even a bit less than decent, but gets tons of luck.
Silene wrote: on a fair random number generator, your luck on the long run will be average. but that doesn't mean it is average on a short run (like 20-50 games). in a short run there will always be extreme results for a while. it will pass eventually.
Always wise words from Silene.
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Re: Bad algorithm

Post by Ranshin-sama »

The problem is that there shouldn't be any algorithm. Everything in this game should be casual as it is in real life, which is actually even easier to program. I think they did this on purpose to make people play their game. In my opinion there should be some other and better way to play koi koi with other people online. I'll think about it. Maybe I'll program something...
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