Can anyone explain the tiebreak rules?

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Bishop Of Norwich
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Can anyone explain the tiebreak rules?

Post by Bishop Of Norwich »

The rules seem to indicate there are no tiebreaks, but we got one in a recent game?

The text indicates, “Tie breaker: Points + 0,1 by coins)” but I don’t understand what this means.

I don’t want to raise as a bug if there’s an explanation.

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Re: Can anyone explain the tiebreak rules?

Post by donkeykong66 »

According to the rulebook:
Play then proceeds to the final score tally:
1. Each player can, if they haven’t already done so, choose to free their Slaves and pay back
their Loans. Each unfreed Slave will penalize them one victory point, and each unpaid Loan
will penalize them two victory points (see “Freeing a Slave”).
2. Each player then adds the victory points from finished Buildings and Machines, to which
they add a tenth of a point (0,1 point) per Sesterce still in their possession. The player with
the highest final score is declared winner. In case of a tie, all players tied for the lead are
declared winners.
Note that this is not fully implemented this way. In order to not have tenths of scores, points are simply rounded down to the integer below it (so someone with 18 points and 13 coins leftover will show a score of 19 points). In games where this already determines the score, this is shown as the final score. However, if both scores are identical (say an opponent has 17 points and 26 coins leftover, which would also round down to 17 points), the actual tenths are taken into account: the first player would have 18+1.3=19.3 points and the second player would have 17+2.6=19.6 points and the second player would be declared the winner.
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