Bonus (+1) après une ronde perdue

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Bonus (+1) après une ronde perdue

Post by Périclès »

Il existe encore des joueurs qui perdent exprès une ou deux rondes pour vider la main de l'adversaire et gagner grâce aux bonus (+1).
C'est hallucinant que ça dure depuis si longtemps et qu'ils aient toujours pas compris que c'est la raison qui explique le si faible nombre de joueurs.
C'est permis par les règles, rien à redire là-dessus.

Simplement la plupart des joueurs débutants prennent ce bonus comme un coup de main en cas de retard. Vous les laminez en dévoyant ce point du jeu pour en faire une stratégie très efficace mais qui les fait fuir.

Je ne vois pas l'intérêt.
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Re: Bonus (+1) après une ronde perdue

Post by ALA----IN »

I confirm.
I've played about 15 games and I liked it, but then everyone with high Elo uses the same technique of losing the first battle on purpose and it makes me lose the desire to play.

A classic example is here:
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Re: Bonus (+1) après une ronde perdue

Post by Gentleman Jack »

Chiming in really really late to this post, but in the event that someone comes across this...let me add this:

1. The (+1) catch up mechanism is well mitigated by the Kamakor extension and I'd recommend it tremendously.
2. The mentioned mechanic should be looked at as part of the game and not as some kind of unsportman-like conduct. I would recommend taking a look at this well written post over at BGG to give you a more refined way to look at the game:

If playing with the Kamakor ext. it is helpful to know which clans are more pervasive with the (+1) mechanic:

Ancient Goban (White) = 11 cards (%55)
Fire Goblin (Red) = 8 cards (%40)
Dark Goblins (Black) = 7 cards (%35)
Shibuke (Olive) = 6 cards (%30)
Dragoon Goblins (Maroon) = 4 cards (%20)
Shadow Goblins (Purple) = 4 cards (%20)
Meka Goblins (Blue) = 3 cards (%15)
Warmachine (Bronze) = 3 cards (%15)
Alpha Goblins (Green) = 2 cards (%10)
Kabuki Goblins (Tan) = 1 card (%5)

During the clan draft you will be able to eliminate either 2 or 3 clans of your choice depending on whether you get to choose first or second. One other thing that should be mentioned is that the introduction of the Kamakor cards allows for more card draw opportunities and a plethora of very ingenious combination possibilities. Anyone who solely relies on the (+1) mechanic will surely find themselves sinking against veteran players.

Hope this helps...Cheers!
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