Played Card History?

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Played Card History?

Post by Mr_Magic »


Is there any easier way to see the history of played cards when coming back toi take your turn? I see there is a pile represented on screen,. is there a way to view it';s contents rather than scrolling back through the game history?
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Enkidu of Abydos
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by Enkidu of Abydos »

I think it's a rule in this game, even in real life, that you MUST NOT look through the common deck/pile, you're supposed to remember the actions other players played and your own actions. So it's partly a memory game. That being said I often let people look through the pile when they're still learning to play... But the online game is likely programmed according to official rules and so doesn't allow looking through the common deck/pile.
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by Quinarbre »

Agreed. The history has been limited by design, in order to mimick the actual boardgame as closely as possible.
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by Lemminkainen »

No. It's your job as a player to pay attention to, and to remember what both you and other people have played, and also to anticipate other players' intent.

Understanding the rules, possibilities, and what ends up being mandatory versus variable is critical for playing well. The game gets interesting when players have a lot of options, and also during the "tunnel" hands, although you can often predict what someone has done during their tunnel moves by their prior and/or subsequent cards (no round card in the game starts or ends on a tunnel, although Ghost's ability is effectively a tunnel).
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by urusbga »

And what about the turn-based game ?
I see the table only when it's my turn.. and in many cases also my action is made by the program.. like for example when i have choosed Shoot and there is only 1 personage to shoot to..
So every time I go to the table I'm not sure about what is happened!!!
Ok you can see the animation.. but it is too fast to understand!!
Ok maybe it's for simulating the real game.. but if we ALL can see all the history noone is benefited!!
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by SquashEngineer »

The Play Log provides the cards played and moves executed for one round of the Schemin' phase. The idea is to mimic the board game, to encourage players to remember (as well as they can) what cards were played, but then also add a little chaos in the mix.

My strategy is: before each time I play a card, I simply note all previous cards played from the other players and my own, right in the notes that you have available. I can refer to it throughout the entire game, to recall all cards that have been played. I find this even more helpful than the regular board game, where taking notes is impractical and shunned by our house rules.
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