Checkers not being maintained?

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Checkers not being maintained?

Post by MrBeardy »

Does anyone know who is supposed to maintain/sort out bugs with checkers? Various people have raised bug reports for the problem of straight checkers incorrectly declaring ties contrary to the official rules and it doesn't look like anything is being done to correct it. It's beginning to ruin the game for me. I'm starting to look elsewhere for a better implementation and I know others have already stopped on here altogether.
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Re: Checkers not being maintained?

Post by KongKing123 »

This game was developed by the BGA staff (click "See more" under the Play button): ... rs&lang=en

The responses on (very) old bugs were also posted by a BGA admin:

I would take that to mean the game is indeed not being maintained. Seeing as they have their hands full with general work on the site and the lack of updates to even very popular games they've developed (7 Wonders, Takenoko, Hanabi) I wouldn't expect anything to change about the situation.

You could try asking on the Developer forum if anyone would be interested in maintaining it:
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