LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

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LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

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Welcome to Las Vegan! Manage your hand of cards correctly to lose your coins as slowly as possible! The Casino always wins!
A trick-taking game that is worth having a look, as it was created by Baptiste Laurent, Corentin Lebrat, and Ludovic Maublanc (Draftosaurus, Mr Jack, etc...).

In Las Vegan, cards in 4 colors numbered from 0 to 9 are dealt to the players. The first player lays down any card from their hand. The other players have to play cards of the same color if they have them, the highest value wins the deal. If they don't have the color, they can discard a card of another color or play a 0 from another color to win the deal. When all of the cards have been played, the round is over and it s time to score. Certain coin and card combinations will score points and a chance to spin the wheel to earn coins.

Like onions, this game has layers. And it will take you a while to dig out the juicier tactics.
The game ends at the end of the 4th round or when a player has lost all his coins. The one with most coins win the game.

You can find more about the game by clicking this link:

We would like to thank the publisher, KYF Editions, and the game developer, Nico_KYF, who made it playable on our platform.
It plays well and fast, and is definitely one of our new favorite trick-taking games!

That's it for today!
What about your thoughts? Just lettuce know. ;)
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Re: LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

Post by AmassGamesYouTube »

Will try now :)
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Re: LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

Post by lordmcfuzz »

The lack of linked how to play video is sad as my play group rarely pulls up a rule book to learn a new game on BGA
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Re: LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

Post by BlondeVegan »

I'm not very good at trick taking games, but kudos for making a game with vegan in the title 💚
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Re: LAS VEGAN: When life hands you lemons...

Post by Rodzilla68 »

Where can I buy a physical copy of this game?

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