Question, points count

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Question, points count

Post by MWald »

652 pm pdt
Game btwn myself and gvachon
No table # info avail to post here using mobile ph

Points haul at end of game should be 10 points max on his total, not 16 pnts!

Please clarify.

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Re: Question, points count

Post by sorryimlikethis »

Looking at the replay of the game the scoring seems normal.

Your opponent was on 39 points and got +10 for placing the eagle (+5 for different animal, +5 for all blue row) like you said.
At the end of the game they got +7 for using the least amount of green tiles which is one of the objectives of expansion A.

The expansion B objective was to place a bear in the top right corner which you could have done in the last round to get an extra 5 points.

From the looks of your game history it seems like you normally play with the expansions off (I do too) so that's probably where the surprise comes from.
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