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Re: Gotozaemon starts first, Preparations on

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Hey, I just read the rules on Preperations and in my opinion "The first player to leave removes one coin from HIS bank before he departs Kyoto" means that IF you have coins in your bank, you have to give one of those coins back. Now obviously these rules were written before the expansion even existed, but it makes the most sense this way, as gotozaemon is already handicapped sufficiently by having no coins at all. Of course picking gotozaemon when preperations is ON therefore means that it would be somewhat advantageous since he has nothing to lose, however debt is definitely not the solution.

As far as changing his starting amount goes, that could be said for many other characters as well. This game could defenitely benefit from having a rebalancing procedure, but as we all know this won't happen ever for boardgames.
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