Going first is a bit too much advantage

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Going first is a bit too much advantage

Post by frogstar_A »

I’m really enjoying this game and finding it fun I even managed to get the top five ELO and win the top 20 trophy in the arena.

However I am beginning to find it’s a little bit frustrating that almost always the person who goes first wins!

On such a short game may only last four or five turns somebody who goes first could get an extra 25% more time in their moves than somebody who go second. It’s a pity that game rules don’t give something to balance that up a bit for example whoever goes first starting with one more artichoke.

If I am honest my trophies owe a lot to the fact that I had a run of about six games where I played first in all of them rather than because I’m an amazing player!
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Re: Going first is a bit too much advantage

Post by kerropi »

Is there a statistic on how many times one has gone first when playing all your games history? I am asking because I find that whenever I joined a created game or host a game, my chances of going first is less than 25% to me when i play with 3 or more players. It is indeed frustrating that there should be a bidding system or point system on who goes first. I think there is an advantage to going first especially playing against players.
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