harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

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harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

Post by yrrepnadohr »

I have played a few games now, but I'm still a bloody beginner.
Rules are still quite complicate for me and I still have not all the rules intus for 100%

Besides other things, that what I’m still puzzling about, this is one thing I have a question , please :

The harvest-proof (Erntefest)

When (days) you have to pay the worker with corn (6 corn for three workers, f.e.)
Is this Erntefest always on the same days, or differs this from game to game ?

I have seen:
day 8
day 14
day 21

But now, I swa a game, where it was on the LAST day :?: :?: :?:

Can this be true ?

Quite important for me to know, when is Erntefest, becuase I am alyways struggling for less to less corn ....

Needless to say, I have lost most of my games till now :) ... but I’m still trying to get a little better ...
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Re: harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

Post by ufm »

When the center gear reaches (or passes if a player accelerates center gear) cyan/orange teeth then the the food day occurs after that round.
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Re: harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

Post by yrrepnadohr »

Thanks for your answer.
Sorry, but I only understand a very rudimentaire English. Learned this at School, about 40 years ago .

So, I do not understand quite well, what you mean with

"When the center gear reaches or( ...) cyan/orange teeth"

The center gear has three coloured teeth. Two orange , one cyan.

Where have to stand one of this coloured thooth for food day ?

at TOP ?
at UNDER ?
at the grass (green) ?
at one of the other gears ?

Maybe some Germany speakin guy can excplain this to me, please


sorry, I am asking so stupid , but maybe its the language...
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Re: harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

Post by robinzig »

It doesn't matter where your workers are.

The big central gear is basically the game timer. It rotates once each turn. The game ends when it has done a full revolution. And when it reaches one of those coloured teeth, that's when you have to pay your workers.

And by "reaches" I'm referring to the tooth that's pointing to the left, where the start player space is. (iirc, it's been a while since I played this game)
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Re: harvest-proof (Erntefest) > when ??

Post by Wilde_Hilde »

OK, I can answer in German:
Das zentrale Rad hat zwei türkisfarbene Ecken und zwei Orangefarbene.
Zu Beginn ist ein türkisfarbener Zacken links bei dem grün-orangene Pfeil (9:00 Uhr-Stellung). Das ist die Position, die anzeigt was ansteht.
Sobald ein türkis- oder orangefarbener Zacken diese Position erreicht oder überschreitet, ist am Ende der Runde Ernährungsphase. Außerdem gibt es eine Wertung: orange = Rohstoffe, türkis = Siegpunkte.
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