conseil important pour améliorer le gameplay

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conseil important pour améliorer le gameplay

Post by Weltbestesspieler »

I strongly suggest removing the game turn switch from one player to another when one player passes the card to the other. It is better to continue playing the same player by drawing the two cards, only at that point do you pass the turn to the next. Which then will be: place the received card, place one of your own, give a card to the opponent, draw two cards.The huge advantage is that in this way the game turns are halved for a match, which in the turn-based version becomes very long and boring.The rule as it stands makes sense for the real game, but in the online version having the card placed immediately or only after drawing, does not change anything. But it makes the game faster and more enjoyable.
I hope I was able to convey the sense of it. Thanks for what you will do.
Domenico Pessotto
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Re: conseil important pour améliorer le gameplay

Post by Dragonrouge »


No, I will not implement the change you suggest. The way the opponent places their card can influence which cards you will draw. And believe me on a game like this where the score difference is very close at the end, every point counts, every choice matters.
I can hear that this game is not well suited for turn based mode, I agree and I encourage players to play in real time ;)

Thanks for your understanding !

Dragonrouge (Rémi F.)
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