display of players hands am I the only one confused?

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display of players hands am I the only one confused?

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I love to try out new games on BGA and was very interested to give this one a go. THANK YOU BGA FOR AN AMAZING SELECTION OF GAMES! Playing with 2 friends. Unfortunately we find it difficult to understand the layout, and even whose cards belong to whom! I have tried altering the size of the board but I am no wiser.
in a 3 player game at present on the top row there is a set of cards, with one opponent's name to the left, and immediately to the right, at present, 2 objective cards and the name "you" to the rigjht of that. So is that set that player;s current cards and our mutual objectives?

then the next row there is another row of cards, then to the right some objective cards, and the 3rd player's name to the right of that. are those the 3rd players cards and our mutual objectives (but logically why does it not have "you! at the other end of the row as the first row does?

then the 3rd row has above the cards the name of the player (again) named to the left of the top row followed by a left hand pointing arrow and the words "my hand" with then a row of cards underneath.
then I have another row under that with "common objectives" cards to the left and 2 boxes with majorities in play, then majorities not in play.

I know we can click on the "eye" next to our respective names. That is not helping me at the moment; it changes the views in my top 2 rows. Honestly, I am not stupid!!! but admit to finding this aspect really difficult not to say frustrating . I believe this will be a really good game if only I could understand better.
Can anyone explain please what the views we can see are? Thanks a lot. Happy playing everyone :) :)
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