Getting the Dark Alley's expansion to BGA

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Getting the Dark Alley's expansion to BGA

Post by ZV1001 »

This is post for BGA members who are involved with the development of the platform/games and/or the BGA Management Team.

Recently a lot of new games got implemented here on BGA and that is an absolutely great thing!
What exactly needs to happen for a new game or expansion to be implemented on BGA with regard to the game publisher/ licensing rights?

Are you just asking them: "Hey, we would like to make an online version of your game, can we do that?" and then they say yes or no?
Or is there any other process to it?

I am asking because I would really love to see the Dungeon Petz Dark Alleys expansion and I was wondering if there is anything I or the community can do to make that happen? Like a petition to Czech games / Vlaada? Or a go-fund-me/ Kickstarter to collect money for the licensing cost?

I really love Dungeon Petz and I like it even more with the expansion so I am more than willing to help with the project of getting it to BGA if that is an option at all.
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Gorgo Primus
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Re: Getting the Dark Alley's expansion to BGA

Post by Gorgo Primus »

For what it’s worth, you’re not alone in wanting Dark Alleys and the promos to be added to BGA.
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Re: Getting the Dark Alley's expansion to BGA

Post by danevito »

I'm also waiting for any Dark Alley expansion to appear online. I think the secret to success here to get more people playing the actual game here at BGA. The more games played the more attention it gets.
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